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MinaLima Store

Introducing MinaLima

Hello. We're MinaLima. We aim to make lives more colorful through our designs.
It all started back in 2001, when Miraphora (Mina) and Eduardo (Lima) met on the set of Harry Potter. They chatted, shared work, found similarities in ideas, chatted some more, and smiled lots.
Over a decade later, we're still smiling. Partly thanks to the success we found designing the graphic props for all the Harry Potter fims. But also because of the people we meet, way we approach work, and designs we create.
MinaLima is simply our happy personalities combined.

About Having Fun

We introduce ideas and tell stories through design.
MinaLima Store is made up of three collections: our Harry Potter art prints (Original and Premium), the Woop Studios Collective Nouns Series (including prints, books, mugs, trays and stationery since 2009), and the MinaLima Own Collection.
Our work encourages people to use their imaginations, make their own decisions and enjoy their own taste. In every piece we create, we offer something of ourselves for our customers to take with them through their lives. We are a studio built on humour, inspired by positivity and good common sense.

Where the Magic Happens

Tiny, handmade and a little bit magical, the Printorium is where everything we create comes to life. It is our creative shed. We print, adorn pieces with gold foil, and add our signatures inside the Printorium.
Both the Harry Potter Original and Premium collections started life in the Printorium. Pieces from Woop Studios are signed there. And any work we put into the MinaLima Own Collection is handcrafted inside.

printorium-2.jpg printorium-3-.jpg